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What documents are necessary to give before the contract conclusion?

Copies of the document confirming the obligation of repayment of debts to you or the obligation of other kind are required. It can be debentures, contracts of loans, bills, contracts of deliveries of the goods and other documents from which the obligation follows.

What methods do you use at debt returning?

We use all possible methods for fast settlement of the conflict-debt situations which are not contradicting the current legislation. The pre-judicial order of returning of debts in which some ways out of a current situation are offered to the debtor is widely used.

What benefits distinguish you from competitors?

It sounds strangely but sincerity and reliability. Unfortunately, not all the Collection Agencies honesty carries out the obligations taken. Roguish actions happen, in other cases of action of the separate collectors it is possible to consider through a prism of the criminal legislation. Long-term experience, staff of high-class employees and close cooperation with law enforcement, supervising, judicial and other state structures makes us distinct from other collector organizations and allows carrying out our activity successfully.

Is the prepayment required at the conclusion of the contract with you?

We works without prepayment, but in certain cases when experts have to leave Moscow region travelling and living expenses can be demanded. It will be compensated at final return of the debt from “Imperial Group” remuneration.

How much do your services cost?

Corporation remuneration varies in limits from 10 to 30% from the returning sums depending on concrete business and other influencing factors.

From what sums do you start to work?

On the Moscow region from the sums over 300,000 rubles, on regions from 500,000 rubles, outside of the Russia Federation from 1,000,000 rubles.

Do you redeem debts?

The “Imperial Group” corporation renders services in return of debts, however, in certain cases we can get the right of the requirement of debts if there are real basis and the term of limitation is not passed. In each specific case the documents are studied and estimated.

What terms of returning of debts?

Terms of returning of debts depend on concrete business and many circumstances. We aren’t less interested to repay a debt quickly and in time.

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