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Don’t aggravate the situation with available debts, if you have no possibilities to return a debt without assistance, contact to professionals! Don’t follow the debtor promising to repay the debt from day to day. There is no sense to delay the situation, fondly hoping for decency of the debtor. It is necessary to solve the problem immediately.

It is necessary to know that the term of limitation of actions according to the civil code of the Russian Federation lasts 3 years from the moment of approaching the obligation. The violation of the term of limitation of actions can entail to a loss of the obligation, except for valid reasons.

Moreover, there are often cases when the debtor who has large outstanding debts addresses repeatedly for the financial help to the same creditor, explaining it as additional expenses for starting business which will make an enormous profit in the near future and will cover all the debts taken. In this case actions of the debtor confirm unwillingness to repay the debt and, most likely, the actions are fraudulent.

A Large number of citizens’ references concerning debentures. Thereby it is necessary to know that the debenture written with one’s own hand about reception of money is an absolutely lawful document with which, in case of payment delay, it is possible to address to the Collection Agency or to the civil court about recovering of the sum of the loam according to the article 395 of the Civil Code of the Russian Federation.  A competent drawing up of the debenture is not less important, in particular, the following information should be necessary specified: Name, passport data of the parties, the obligation about return of the sum of the loan to a certain term, the date and the signature.

Concerning a debt receivable of legal persons in our opinion it is necessary to examine carefully the partner before introduction into contractual or commodity-financial relations. If it possible, request authorized documents of the enterprise partner, learn the actual location of the office, the warehouse etc., what its financial position, and availability of funds in the settlement account.

It makes you good to receive recommendations from other organizations, cooperating with your partner before. All it will favorably affect a course of commercial relations and will warn you about a possible financial risk.

The “Imperial Group” corporation along with returning of the overdue debts renders a full range of legal and other services concerning support of the transactions, conclusions of the contracts and represents as the guarantor of maintenance of legitimacy and safety of partner relations.