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Beginning the work directed on collection of debt, the Corporation on returning of debts «Imperial Group» first of all carries out collection of information about the debtor, for the purpose of process optimization. Come to light weak and strengths of the debtor, his actual financial position, the reasons of the arisen debt situation.

Procedure of collecting debt occurs in some stages: soft collection ("soft" collecting), hard collection ("rigid" collecting) and legal collection (collecting at a judicial stage).

Soft collection is the first stage of interaction with the debtor, including remote communication of the employee of the company and the debtor by phone, a fax, mail, e-mail.

During negotiations psychological influence without special pressure upon the debtor is used. It is the "softest" stage of communication, and at this stage, statistically, the greatest probability of return of a duty. If at the first stage in certain terms to collect a duty it was not possible, procedure passes to the following stage - hard collection.

The main method at this stage is personal meeting with the debtor. Style of communication changes - if the first stage is "soft", the second is complete procedure of pre-judicial collecting debt, and includes every possible, not forbidden by the law, influence methods: personal meetings with debtor and his representatives who can affect duty payment. Important the nobility the main reason for a non-return of a duty and if at the first stage it it was not possible to find out, at personal meeting by our purpose is clarification of the true reason of a delay of a duty to define further strategy of collecting. At this stage contacts occur not only to the debtor, but also with persons who can give necessary information or affect the decision of the debtor on duty payment. In practice it can appear that your debtor got to an inconvenient financial situation because of own debtors.

The corporation «Imperial Group» assists debtors about receiving the monetary credit on profitable terms, provides information on the partner organizations which can help to leave an inconvenient situation are there can be realtor agencies, the credit companies, personnel agencies and others.

At the third stage - legal collection - collecting agency, having used pre-judicial ways of settlement of a debt situation, carries out the following procedures: petition preparation, representation of interests in court, obtaining the executive document, the subsequent control of executive production. The material for excitement of criminal proceedings if necessary gathers.

Employees of the agency communicate with the debtor, and the state authorities protecting the broken rights of the creditor not. It is possible to appeal not only to court, but also to prosecutor's office for checking of actions of debtors on existence of structure of a crime is possible. Naturally, as creditors and collecting agencies are interested in the fast solution of business, and they resort to difficult legal proceedings only in a case when all possible methods are already applied and didn't bring result (at least partial return of a duty) or if term of limitation period approaches. At this stage our purpose - not to punish the debtor on all severity of the criminal legislation, nevertheless to collect from it debt.