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“The Imperial Group” – is the corporation, specialized in returning of debts, to citizens and artificial persons, that was formed with the members’ of Government of Moscow and employees’ of power structures assistance.  The combined efforts and the experience of our corporation’s employees (operating lawyers, skilled lawyers and psychologists) yields positive result in the practice of repayment. The activity of our organization began in the middle of the 90ths when the methods of repaying debts were absolutely different, than nowadays, however, it was possible to us to repay debts in quite lawful ways even during that restless time.

Each of employees of “The Imperial Group” Corporation is a high-quality professional in his business. Our employees have narrow specialization in their sphere that allows them to be well-informed all the time about the latest news and events, occurring in a zone of their responsibility, and to render services at the level, that is inaccessible to other companies.

According to the general statistics of the accounts receivable in The Russian Federation, it’s not surprising, that the market of the collector’s services is very extensive this days, but, unfortunately, not all of companies work honestly, frequently resorting to swindle or even to use the criminal methods. The main priority of the “Imperial Group” Corporation is only using the lawful methods of the recovery of debts, leaning against the current legislation of The Russian Federation, and as much as it’s possible the corporation is opened for the potential  clients and checking structures.

At the arisen debt’s situation the “Imperial Group” Corporation defines the goal of a debt’s collecting in the pre-judicial order, because just at that precise moment it becomes possible to return a debt with the best effectiveness in the shortest terms without running to the judicial lawsuits’ extremes. Pre-judicial colleting of debts is based on the obligatory on-line contacting the debtor for the reason of consistent with the law documents the negotiation process with debtors, is hold by our employees having behind their shoulders the long-term experience that allows to achieve the result of the fastest repayment of debts in the end.

Equally with a prejudicial collecting of debts the “Imperial Group” Corporation gives a highly skilled juristic help on a juristic field. We have all necessary experience and knowledge for doing that. Operating lawyers, skilled lawyers and psychologists are ready to join to a legal proceedings at any time, including the period of the Executive production.

The corporation on returning of debts “Imperial Group” gives collecting services not only on The Russian Federation’s territory, but also in the Post-Soviet republics and behind their limits.