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The corporation on returning of debts «Imperial Group» offers a full range of legal services in collecting arrears from physical and legal entities as in the territory of the Russian Federation and the CIS, and abroad.

Into a complex of our services enters:

  • consultations of lawyers;
  • analysis and legal assessment of debt documents;
  • collection of information about the debtor and his financial position;
  • pre-judicial settlement of a disputed and debt situation;
  • negotiations with debtors and his representatives;
  • trust management by debt;
  • support at the conclusion of transactions;
  • collecting services;
  • the help when receiving the credit;
  • economic safety of business and minimization of financial risk;
  • detective services;
  • legal protection at OBEP checks;
  • arbitration disputes and courts;
  • representation in courts of law;
  • return of unsettled debts;
  • collection of debt in the form of the goods or other raw materials.

The corporation «Imperial Group» as the main objective puts a pre-judicial order of collecting debt as on this stage more effectively to repay a debt in short terms with the minimum expenses. Pre-judicial collecting debt is based on obligatory contact to the debtor or his representative on the basis of the corresponding documents of title. Negotiation process with debtors is carried out by our employees having behind shoulders long-term experience that allows to achieve in the end result of fast repayment of debt.

Along with pre-judicial collecting debt the Corporation «Imperial Group» also provides a highly skilled legal aid in a judicial order. For this purpose we have all necessary arsenal of knowledge and huge jurisprudence. Acting lawyers and skilled lawyers are ready to be connected to trial at any stage and in any instance, including at a stage of executive production.

Depending on developed the Corporation on returning of debts «Imperial Group» is ready to assist debt or other problem immediately in its settlement on conditions favorable to you.