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DRCFor Debtors

If to you were addressed from the Corporation on returning of debts «Imperial Group» because of your debt, we request you immediately to contact us by phones specified in contacts or e-mail.

We guarantee the legality of our actions and are ready to help to leave a difficult financial position. For this purpose of you the minimum of actions is required.

Good advice to debtors

Don't aggravate a situation with available debt – if you have no possibilities to repay a debt in stipulated by the contract or the receipt terms, try to reach with the creditor of the settlement agreement on terms it repayment, payment of percent and penalties.

The debenture written with own hand on receiving money is absolutely lawful document with which in case of payment delay the creditor can address in collecting agency or civil court. Before drawing up of the receipt it is necessary to understand about possible consequences therefore it is very important to calculate debt maturity dates correctly.

Remember, existence of outstanding debt seriously harms to your reputation, such reputational expenses can become the reason of serious financial difficulties, after all the rumor about you as about the defaulter will quickly extend among colleagues and partners that can lead to refusal of the conclusion with you the contractual relations or deterioration of their conditions.

It is important to mean that the size of debt which allows to address with the petition about bankruptcy, makes for legal entities of 100 000 rubles, and in process about bankruptcy approach of financial responsibility of founders and the director is possible.

Don't forget and about criminal liability for malicious evasion from receivables repayment by a court decision in the form of a penalty at the rate to two hundred thousand rubles, and it is possible also imprisonment for the term up to two years. It is specified in article 177 of the Criminal code of the Russian Federation about it.