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DRCA legal consultation is the base, a legal basis in permission of the arisen disputable legal situation. The successful conclusion of all business in many respects depends on the primary legal analysis.

In any instance, including at a stage of executive production. Depending on developed the Corporation on returning of debts «Imperial Group» is ready to assist debt or other problem immediately in its settlement on conditions favorable to you.

If you have faced with a debt or other problem and you have questions, our qualified lawyers are ready to answer them and state a legal estimation, and also to plan ways of its solution. Receiving competent explanations and recommendations will warn you against possible legal mistakes and help choose right position which leads you to the winning result.

The corporation on return of debts "Imperial Group" gives professional legal consultations both in paid and free form.

Consulting services include:

  • consultations in oral form;
  • a legal analysis of the presented documents;
  • a written legal conclusion;
  • a preparation of the necessary set of documents;
  • an explanation of the rules of law and their application;
  • recommendations at the conclusion of transactions.

Applying to our company you can always count on a highly skilled legal aid, the legal analysis of documents, an oral and written consultation, a preparation of the necessary set of documents and, the main thing, define for yourself the sequence of the further actions.