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DRCThe collecting services rendered by the Corporation on return of debts «Imperial Group», mean by themselves a number of the actions promoting commission of payments on debts of physical and legal entities, but not contradicting the law. Actually our collector’s agency represents the intermediary between the creditor and the debtor, assuming the obligation to lead the work directed on return of debts.

Our experts are aimed at pre-judicial collecting debt that allows to reduce terms of returning of money. In case of impossibility of the solution of dispute, having carried on negotiations with the debtor, the agency prepares all necessary documents and brings the matter into court, then takes direct part in trial.

The purpose of our activity within a judicial stage is immediate obtaining the executive document on collecting debt and the subsequent its realization. At a stage of executive production process of return of a duty proceeds, namely actions of court enforcement officers as executive production has weak places are traced. Therefore it is necessary to be well informed about stages of executive production. Work with the debtor also proceeds, all possible ways for assistance to the debtor are used to repay a debt.

Sometimes collectors initiate involvement of the debtor to criminal liability: having collected the primary material testifying to existence of signs of structure of a crime in actions of debtors, send it to law enforcement agencies. In practice it is quite possible in cases of recurrence of delay of debts of the person concerning group of creditors. Such actions legal or the individual can be recognized by bodies of prosecutor's office roguish that will serve initiation of legal proceedings.

It is necessary for debtors to know also about criminal liability in cases of malicious evasion from performance of the judicial act. As the initiator of initiation of criminal legal proceedings court enforcement officers in this case act.