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DRCDebt’s collecting in a pre-judicial order is the most propitious phase of the process of returning of a debt. The corporation on returning of debts “Imperial Group” practices generally this stage, as opposed to the legal proceedings’ phase that becomes possible to return the debt in the shortest time and during the negotiating process are considered the different ways of the offset of debt, including the help in crediting, restructing of the debt and so on.

Often there is a situation when your contractor doesn't pay in a full cost of the services rendered to him, the executed works or the put goods. Having appeared in the similar situation, many creditors neglect a situation, hoping for consciousness and decency of the debtors who have allowed unpaid amount. However our experience prompts that such behavior – not the best choice.

Your inertness concerning collecting the debt can create at the contractor’s opinion that you are not too strongly wishing to repay a debt that will grant to it the moral right to tighten payment terms infinitely long and will make his owner of a situation. Probably, the contractor will pay a debt, but it is a big question - when and how he will make it.

The corporation on returning of debts «Imperial Group» offers a complex of the effective measures directed on pre-judicial settlement of the conflicts (negotiations with the debtor; development of schedules of payments, agreements and other documents; control of arriving payments; restructuring is long; crediting by means of our partner banks) and as result - collecting the debt. Many of those measures and methods are our know-how and have no wide circulation in the market.